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What do Families say about Epsom Family Centre? 


Outreach & Support Feedback

''Just wanted to say, thank you for always staying connected and reaching out. Your support throughout this has been human, professional, tailored, practical and proactive. Thank you!'' 24/4/2020


''Thanks for caring'' 1/5/2020


''Thank you again for checking in on us, honestly during lockdown you've been the most proactive and consistent professional we have had the pleasure of working with! Thank-you.'' 8/5/2020


''Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to support me. I feel like I'm taking small steps in the right direction now'' 31/7/2020


''Thank you for listening'' 21/8/2020


''Thanks for being on my side, forever grateful'' 21/8/2020


''I am so happy and really appreciate your efforts with regards to our situation... I can't thank you enough!'' 7/10/2020


''Thank you for your patience to listen to my life problems and struggles even though are are strangers. I really appreciate your patience and involvement in giving me your support and best as you could. I'm still in the process of 'healing' myself from the past and accepting the life I have now, but I feel that I am making positive steps. I realise that in order to teach my child to be happy and strong, they need to see this in me. The feeling you gave me is: You are a wonderful and kind person'' 23/10/2020


''It was invaluable to work through family routines and boundaries to learn where we could do better and also receive validation that everything we have put in place so far is on the right track. It was a relief to have an understanding and sensitive support network and liaison to work through communication issues with school.''8/12/20


''Lovely team, very helpful and reassuring'' 19/3/21


''I really appreciate the support that I have received'' 26/3/21


''The team has been fantastic in supporting me through a difficult situation'' 26/3/21


''When my Outreach Worker was onboard she offered contact continuously when I needed it. She was very lovely, caring and very professional in her job. Thank you so much! 30/4/21


''So grateful for every inch of support I was given by my Outreach Worker and Epsom Family Centre, thank you so much!'' 30/4/21


''It is really helpful going to the family centre and getting the support and information I need from the staff, they are all so friendly and lovely. I would be lost without their help and support they offer'' 14/7/2021


''Just wanted to say that the Outreach Worker has gone above and beyond with us as a family. She has been a fantastic support to us all'' 6/9/2021


''Thank you so much for all your help don't know where I would be without your help and support'' 7/9/2021


’The lady who visited was very kind and helpful and was always at the end of the phone if I needed her.’’ 29/11/21


‘’I cannot thank the Outreach Worker enough for all of her support and care. Since the outreach worker came into our lives she has really helped get things moving and pulled all professionals together to help get the support and help that we needed. She help reduced my stress by contacting professionals on my behalf and just knowing she was there great peace of mind. It’s made such a difference during a very draining time. Before meeting the Outreach Worker I felt quite alone, I looked forward to seeing her each week as she was always willing to listen and let me offload, she always listened and offered her support. When my child first spoke to the Outreach Worker it was the best feeling ever and made me very emotional. I know she took a lot of time in preparing how to approach my child each week as it causes my child a great deal of distress. We are all in agreement of how lovely and kind the Outreach Worker has been. I will be forever grateful, we all need a this Outreach Worker in our lives, thank you.’’ 9/12/21


''I would like to just say the children's family centre is the most support I've ever received, knowing I'm not alone and I can go anytime if I need help with anything, they always have open arms. I am so grateful for all their help every single time I've needed help. My life and mental health wouldn't be the same without them. Thank you!'' 9/2/22





Play Groups & Parenting Groups Feedback 

''The Play Group helped me by getting out of the house and meeting new mummies with babies, and making new friends'' 1/6/21


''I can't describe how much being able to bring my children to the centre means to me. The staff have been incredibly supportive and my children have gained a great deal of confidence from the continuity and opportunities there. I feel a lot less isolated too!'' 1/6/21


''Many thanks to all the people working at the centre'' 10/6/21


''The staff have been an invaluable source of support. No words I can say will do them any justice. Being able to attend the Play Group has dramatically improved mine and my children's confidence...having the same place to attend has proved very benefical to my toddler, who hasn't socialised for a whole year during lockdown and now recognises the centre and eagerly anticipates going the the group.... The centre is well equipped with a wide variety of toys and activities, it is like a home away from home.. I have also been inspired by some of the play activities and have used them at home (for example; the water table, dinosaurs and digger trucks in sandpit)... They have treated me empathetically, with discretion, I couldn't recommend the centre and the team behind it more highly... these people go above and beyond. I'm truly grateful24/6/2021


''I found the Parenting Puzzle very useful with a lovely atmosphere and very welcoming- thank you very much'' 1/7/2021


''The staff were very helpful and came up with good ideas, I listened well and took in a lot of information'' 13/10/2021


''I enjoyed this face-to-face workshop, there were fun games to write down, very good for other parents, I learnt to encourage positivity with my children, the staff are good and give a lot of information at this course'' 20/10/2021


‘’Supportive staff, friendly atmosphere and an opportunity for child development’’ 22/10/21


''The play groups are so helpful and the staff are wonderful most lovely people I have ever met. I don’t know what I would do without Play Groups’’22/10/21


‘’These sessions are invaluable to my children and myself. We look forward to them all week!’’ 22/10/21  


‘’I would like to thank everyone who has been helping me and my son to improve my life in a good way and all the support you give. Big thank you to the amazing staff’’ 8/12/21


‘’This group has helped my grandchildren to gain in confidence in a very happy environment’’ 8/12/21


‘’This playgroup has really helped both of my children speech and given them the opportunity to make new friends’’ 8/12/21


 ''We loved all groups and sessions we were able to come too! Great activities for children, perfect way of meeting lovely parents!'' 16/12/21


''Fantastic group with amazing people'' 16/12/21


''It's good to be here in person and share experiences with other parents'' 2/2/22


''The staff member is a superstar!'' 2/2/22


''I have been to many workshops over the years, yet still bring away so many useful tips!'' 2/2/22


''It helped me see that I am not the only one dealing with this'' 2/2/22


''It's good to know that I am not alone!'' 9/2/22


''I wouldn't have been able to come if I didn't bring my son, and I avoid online meetings'' 9/2/22


''It helped me to see where I am standing with my kids eating, I need to try to relax and empower myself and being able to help my children'' 9/2/22


''Genuinely brillant, thank you so much for a lovely time'' 17/2/22


''My child enjoyed everything. This group has helped me by just gettin gout of the house and seeing new faces, and making new friends. I don't know what I would do without playgroups'' 18/2/22


''My child wants to add more happy faces! They enjoyed it that much!!'' 18/2/22


''My children and I really look forward to these sessions'' 18/2/22


''We love the enusiasm, the staff ensure the children have a wonderful time!'' 18/2/22


''My child loved playing outside and meeting new friends. My other child loved the messy play and I enjoyed meeting new people'' 18/2/22


‘’This play group has been a life saver even to leave the house, meeting other parents and my son to meet other children. Plus someone different to talk to’’ 1/4/22


‘’The family support worker has been amazing, really helpful and supportive. These groups have given us graded exposure to messy play which has been invaluable. My son has been able to interact and navigate social situations with others. These sessions have been a life saver, thank you!’’ 1/4/22


‘’Thank you very much!’’ 1/4/22


‘’Amazing team, excellent facilities, warm friendly environment- cannot praise the services enough!’’

‘’It’s been amazing, loved it!’’1/4/22







If you would like your say about Epsom Family Centre; whether it be the support you received, groups you attended, or your thoughts about the Centre please email your feedback to