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Family Feedback

What do Families say about Epsom Family Centre? 


''Just wanted to say, thank you for always staying connected and reaching out. Your support throughout this has been human, professional, tailored, practical and proactive. Thank you!'' 24/4/2020


''Thanks for caring'' 1/5/2020


''Thank you again for checking in on us, honestly during lockdown you've been the most proactive and consistent professional we have had the pleasure of working with! Thank-you.'' 8/5/2020


''Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to support me. I feel like I'm taking small steps in the right direction now'' 31/7/2020


''Thank you for listening'' 21/8/2020


''Thanks for being on my side, forever grateful'' 21/8/2020


''I am so happy and really appreciate your efforts with regards to our situation... I can't thank you enough!'' 7/10/2020


''Thank you for your patience to listen to my life problems and struggles even though are are strangers. I really appreciate your patience and involvement in giving me your support and best as you could. I'm still in the process of 'healing' myself from the past and accepting the life I have now, but I feel that I am making positive steps. I realise that in order to teach my child to be happy and strong, they need to see this in me. The feeling you gave me is: You are a wonderful and kind person'' 23/10/2020








If you would like your say about Epsom Family Centre; whether it be the support you received, groups you attended, or your thoughts about the Centre please email your feedback to